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Dress of the Tiarit Citizen by Igor-Esaulov

Oh good, this is really something I can sink my teeth into.

Lets do this from left to right.
Fridorskaya: this is a good, simple, farmers garb. The green and earthy brown skirt is a well placed nod to their farming profession, and the short leather jackets short sleeves would leave the arms with full mobility to work the fields, while the white shirt would be easy to move in.

Avingard: these two grabs are a good representation of fading wealth. I assume the southern Provence to be the coldest of the two with the sleeves and collar providing extra protection against the weather, while the jewellery of the northern woman suggesting some degree of wealth, while the grabs lack of colour suggesting said wealths decline. Both these outfits have a noticeable amount of stitching, once again suggesting some degree of cultural success.

Tkusar Kingdom: my personal favourite of the selection, it clearly suites a shipping capitol. The red leggings seem both fashionable and efficient. The colour choice is perfect and noticeable without being too vivid. The practicality comes in through the sailing trade as no self respecting she sailor wants the he sailors looking up her dress while climbing the rigging, so kudos to you for that nice touch. The string drawn blouse also works well here, if for no other reason than it seems piratey. An argument could be made that the tied off sleeves are to stop the fabric from getting in the way of any magic, but it is far from the dominant feature.

Normland: the most unique of the outfits, this one can clearly be assumed to have mages in mind, even if it isn't mentioned in the description. The waist belt thing ( i know they have a name but cut me some slack I'm tired )is a nice feature, but I think it dips down too much at the bottom and gives her too muck of an hour glass shape. I've little else to say about this one other than its well executed and has a lot of nice details but its just a tad cliched in my opinion. Also it seems like it would be hot, in all but the coldest weather, so perhaps that could be reconsidered.

It occurs to me that this entire review I've just been verbalising what you have done instead of telling you how to improve. Take it as a complement, it just means there is nothing to improve. Impressive work, well done.

PS. Diggin' the boots.
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